7 Secrets To Get A Perfect Skin Before & After Marriage 


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This blog is for all the brides and grooms out there who might have found their equal. Isn’t that just enough to be ready for your big day? There are dozens of checklist you have to be prepared before and after getting hitched. Yes, your thoughts are travelling from the flowers, decorations to your clothes, jewellery and other personal preparations. Unfortunately, you guessed the topic wrong! We are discussing beauty preparations from head-to-toe which has to be started 3-4 months prior to the wedding date. To help you avoid the last-minute beauty rush for your important day, Unbox Salon, the  best bridal beauty parlour in Cochin present you 7 secret beauty tips to know before and after your wedding. 


Before Marriage 



  • Weekly Body Massage



Scheduling a body massage session once a week has various soothing benefits. It can dig down your mental stress and reduce depression. Some other addon advantages are boosting your blood circulations and pumping nourishments throughout your body.    



  • Apply Manicure & Pedicure



During your wedlock day, all eyeballs will be on your hands and legs, looking for various design patterns. It will be the pivot for the people gathered for your marriage and reception. It is vital that you apply manicure for your hands & nails, pedicure for your toes & nails and then moisturizes your skin for softening. A renowned beauty parlour in Kochi can help you with it. 



  • Use Facials & Bleaches



Applying facials in the right quantity can help repair your skin cells and keep it looking younger and smoother. It can even eliminate pigmentation, fine lines and old marks on your skin. On the other hand, applying bleach is a great remedy to get glowing skin on your face. As an alternative, you can also put some green tea bags along with cucumber on your eyes to remove puffiness. Salons in Kochi use the right mixture of facials & bleaches to make you feel more youthful and relaxing.  



  • Home Treatment Helps 



There are various home treatments you can use on your skin and hair. Its softness can be further increased by applying multanimitti pack in the right proportion. Head massage helps in scalp and root conditioning of the hair, thereby increasing its strength and preventing hair fall. You can check out the article http://unboxsalon.com/2019/07/maintain-a-healthy-hair/. Ensure that you drink a lot of water too as it is essential for healthy hair growth. Hair spa in Kochi is another place where you will receive a good head massage. 


After Wedding 


You can make it through your big day by following the pre-wedding beauty tips from the best beauty parlour in Cochin. The next set of steps you have to take is for the post-wedding days.  



  • Approach A Hair Spa 



How much ever the care and precautions you take, hair fall or its damage is inevitable. Massaging it with the help of a well-known hair salon in Kochi can do the job for you. They apply herbal oils containing ayurvedic ingredients to nurture your hair to its full potential. 



  • Face Care Techniques



Applying serum and moisturizer once in a week can help a lot. Regular peeling and masks can keep your skin flexible and soft every time. Visit an expert at a beauty parlour in Kochi to get the best care for your face. 


  • Don’t Miss Eye Brows  


Eyebrows are an important part that isn’t to be missed while beautifying yourself. If you pluck the brows by yourself, wait a minute as there is a possibility of your eye smoothness getting reduced. Go to salons in Kochi that will follow the necessary precautions, offer suggestions and give best brow shape based on the nature of your face. 



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