6 Simple Hacks to Maintain a Healthy Hair & Prevent Its Fall


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Hair loss has been a daunting factor for both men and women. You have to start thinking about the ways to manage and eliminate its fall. However, there are plenty of factors that can lead to this issue like genetics, types of food intake, disease and other external circumstances. Unbox, a prominent hair salon in Kochi have jotted down some of the natural ways to maintain healthy hair.

Right Amount of Nutrients

Initially, you have to make sure to intake a balanced and complete diet so that your hair
receives the right amount of nutrients. It is the best way to prevent your hair from falling.
Some of the natural nutrients like zinc, protein etc you get from the right intake of food is
essential in order to your hair to remain healthier. New studies have found out that
maintaining the beauty of the remaining parts of the body is also a factor to sustain healthy

Hair Cleaning is the Key

Cleaning the hair thoroughly can help wash out the specks of dirt and other impurities that
are detrimental to its growth. Proper washing can also help in the flow of the nutrients to the
deeper portion of hair, scattering completely in the scalp and facilitating its healthy growth.
However, a popular hair spa in Kochi suggests not to wash your hair less than once a week and more than once a day. Make sure to use only natural shampoos that have

medicinal properties.

Say No to Aggressive Hair Styling

This is the most common mistake people do. They try to force their hair to take a particular
style that impacts it negatively. For example, using hair dryers constantly can harm the
cuticles that protect the hair. Make sure to put the heat level on the low swing while doing it.
Hair salons in Kakkanad suggest styling your hair only when it is dry that will help prevent hair fall.

Stop Experimenting Products

The type of products you use for washing and styling your hair is also a factor to be put into deep thought. Many of them contain harmful ingredients that can hinder its growth as
it facilitates it to fall later on because it is exposed by losing the protective layer. Get the
recommendations from the best hair salon in Cochin for maintaining healthy hair.

 Balance with Nutrients & Cosmetics

If you are concerned about your hair, it must be kept in a balance with proper nutrients
and only quality cosmetics. This will help you over time in hair fall prevention and promote
a thicker and stronger hair on the go. The best hair salon in Kochi for ladies and gents
can help suggest the right method to find what and how various low-quality cosmetics
affects your hair and also recommend the best solution.

Move on with Hair Spa Treatments in Kochi

It is obvious to experience hair loss as we age. However, there are other natural reasons
like the amount of pigmentation, hormones and proteins that are being produced.
Approach a hair spa in Kochi to know about adding more protein to your food or have an
idea of the types of supplements that can help you age gracefully.

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