Stop Believing These Popular Makeup Myths 


2 July/Posted by Seo Analyst Web India Solutions

Internet is the ultimate tool we use to search and find the solution to any type of problem. The same is applicable while coming to your personal care. Makeup is a part of your everyday life when you are planning an outing or attending a function or even if you are simply sitting at home.  However, there are many misconceptions that wander in the minds of many. Have you ever experimented various unknown makeup techniques that finally torn away your glow? If yes, you are not alone! Many of us have even regretted the decision later or ended up in tears seeing the after effects. Unbox Unisex Salon, a popular beauty parlour in Kochi list out some of the common misconceptions that you need to stop relying on anymore. 



  • Cleaning the Makeup Brushes



Myth: I need not wash my make up brushes as I am the only one using it. 


Fact:: This is totally wrong information as it is extremely important to wash your makeup brush even if you are the only user. This is due to the fact that the brush comes in contact with other things on the surfaces, creating a room for bacterias and other microorganisms. 



  • Cream or Primer: Which One is Better?



Myth: Should I use primer or cream for makeup and which one helps me more? 


Fact: This is a common question asked by many people. A renowned beauty parlour in Kadavanthra says the answer is primer, as it not only helps in moisturizing your skin but also smoothens it. Applying makeup over primer give a lasting effect. 


  • Applying Foundation is Not Good


Myth: Is adding foundation to my skin bad for health?


Fact:: Many ladies beauty parlour in Kakkanad offer a lot of foundation ingredients. On applying it your skin can give a soothing effect and protects it from harmful conditions like ultraviolet rays, dust, heat etc. You have to choose a product  that best suits your skin type 



  •   Do Cosmetics Have an Expiry Date?



Myth: Cosmetics items don’t expire.


Fact: You have to take this issue very seriously. Many people think or must have been misunderstood by someone else. Any product out there certainly have an expiry period beyond which you ahould not apply on your skin. Doing it may welcome various skin diseases for your distress. 



  • Sleeping with Your Makeup On



Myth: Sleeping without removing my makeup do no harm. 


Fact: A study conducted by approved salons in Kochi has found that sleeping with your makeup is detrimental to your skin health. It is a time when your skin breathes through its tiny pores. If you don’t remove the makeup, it will create blockages and won’t be able to renew it. It can even result in pimples and other skin issues. 


When it comes to your skin, neither dare to apply unknown and harmful cosmetic products nor believe in myths that are rumoured out on the internet or by others. Approach the best beauty parlour in Kochi for gents & ladies to know the right tips for keeping your skin glowing for years.    


Posted by Seo Analyst Web India Solutions

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